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Wrist Weights

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Buy Wrist-Weights Online

For an intense workout regime, the usage of wrist weight is recommended, as they give a complete fitness experience. Wrist-weights are commonly used during cardio exercises and they give the improved fitness benefit and increase the body resistance. Shop online for a range of wrist-weights at ease. Wrist-weights are available for wrist and ankle in adjustable and non adjustable forms in weight options from 1 kgs to 5 kgs.

Brands available in Wrist-weights

Aerofit, Proline Fitness, Wii Fit are some of the brands available with us in different colors, these wrist-weights can be used by students, gymnasts, sport personalities, trekkers and even regular fitness fans. Wrist weights can be worn during all seasons and help tone the body. The various brands of wrist-weights are available with renowned online sellers. Initially, beginners can use light weights to start with.

Features of wrist-weights

·         Easy to use, available in cotton and nylon

·         Long-lasting and adjustable

·         Wrist and ankle weight sets are also available

·         Padded cushions available for grip during heavy exercise

·         Grip made of rubber

·         Wrist-weights can be used anywhere, at the gym or in the office

All Season wear

Wrist-Weights can be used during all seasons; rather they can be worn throughout the day if someone does not have time to work out. Wrist-Weights can be worn inside the trousers which are beneficial during climbing stairs or walking for additional benefits.

Do’s and Don’ts

Here is a list of Do’s to remember while using Wrist-Weights

·         Wear ankle wrist weights for an hour instead of entire day

·         Have a brisk walk with weights on, it will boost heart rate 5 times than usual

·         The usage benefits more during cardio exercises

·         Put on weights and climb staircases and go walking, it will burn calories

Here is a list of Don’ts

·         The additional weight on the body might require some time for the body to adapt

·         Ankle weights might strain muscles

·         Wrong weights might damage the walking technicalities which can lead to pain and injury

·         In case of regular pain in joints discontinue usage of weights

·         Do not wear wrist-weights everyday as it is not the best solution to stay fit

·         One can bruise knees or ankles with continuous use of weights

Hassle free shopping-

For product ratings, visit the product information to know the quality and other details of the product. Check for the offers, wrist weight reviews and discounts provided by different sellers, and check for the return policy and terms and conditions of the product.

It is hassle free to shop with us as few clicks take you to the desired product, users just need to filter between as per color, brand, price, and discount, buying options and customer reviews. It will throw out a wide range of options as per the requirement of the user.