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Weight vests are the most flexible means used for fitness training. They are used for rigorous workouts to build muscles, weight reduction and cardio sessions. Weight vest is to be worn on the chest/body and it gives a feeling of carrying that extra baggage. These vests have flexible and modifiable straps on the shoulder which can be custom-built to fit the upper body. It requires extra efforts during the weight exercises and hence one has to spend more energy to achieve the desired results. The vest weights enhance physical functioning for targeted muscles, especially its focus is on upper body and chest. The weight vests are for muscle building of the abdomen and assemble more strength.

Weight Vests- Usage

Using weight vests is beneficial.

·         Weight vests can be used for various exercises like weight training, cardio, jogging, walking, rope climbing and while riding a bike

·         Before carrying extra weight ensure that one is used to the weight vest

·         Initially, one should start with light exercises and then gradually, start with heavy exercises

·         The gradual use of weight and increase in the workout will give desired results

Numerous Brands available in weight vests-

There are various brands available with us in weight vests, including Welcare adjustable weight vest, Hot Leathers vest, Service Dog brand available in all sizes (Extra small, Small, Medium and Large), weighted work out vest and lots more.

Advantages of Weights Vests

·         Increased Stamina – using a weight vest and running will improve stamina and overall running performance, better stamina and endurance proves increased utilization of oxygen in the body

·         Burning of Calories –too much heavy weighted vests will damage the upper body; the weight of the vest should be more than 5-10% more than the body weight of a person. To burn calories in the right proportion one should use vest which is not more than 150 pounds in weight

·         Alertness – it is found in a study that usage of weight during day to day schedule increases alertness in a human being, as compared to usage of weights in running or jogging.

·         All new Cardio -weight vests have always proven efficient during cardio trainings. A study proved that people working out with vests showed better results than people not using vests during exercise

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