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Weight Racks are used for storage of weights in the exercise room or weight lifting room. These racks keep the weights organized and safe, most of these racks are placed against a wall, in basement or in a room as it saves space. What are weight racks? – It is a piece of equipment cube or rectangular in shape made from metal or steel which allows performing any number of weight exercises. Weight racks are available in various types – squat racks, half racks and full power racks. Some of the weight racks are shock absorbing racks and it comes on rental basis. The weight racks keep all the weights safe so that it does not hurt anyone in the gymnasium. They are easy to assemble, strong and sturdy and trustworthy.

Branded Weight Racks for sale

Various brands are available in weight racks, including Marcy Dumbbell rack and Marcy Deluxe 3-tier dumbbell rack, Barbells squat rack with adjustable sections, Body Solid vertical dumbbell rack, Weider Olympic weight rack, Barbell plate tree rack, Horizontal rack by Apollo Athletics, Weider universal racks for dumbbells, Deltech Fitness Pro power rack, Workbench power rack by Powertec Fitness, Valor BD-7 Power rack, Apex tools 3-tier dumbbell rack, York dumbbell weight rack, Champion 2 sided vertical rack, Troy Barbell weight rack for standard weight plates and lots more.

Advantages of Weight Racks

While doing workouts alone, it has to be safe and weight racks let you exercise safely.

·         Safety – weight racks manage heavy weights and hence provides a safety option for individuals who work out alone

·         Confidence – due to safety, which comes with weight racks the confidence to exercise increases. One can carry out rigorous work out and put in extra time with the weight racks

·         Range of motion – within the weight racks there are safety catches which are easily adjustable in weight and height. The racks enable to train in the full range of motion.

·         Too many exercises – with weight racks most important exercises can be carried out, like heavy barbell exercises. The more number of exercises have certain exercise options, which can be done in the power rack.

Weight rack exercises – certain power rack models enable more exercise possibilities, like cable row, straight arm pull down, cable crunches, cable pull through, triceps pushdown, lat pull down, biceps cable curl and cable face pull. Weight racks are available on with us at a click of mouse-button, further giving options of minimizing the criteria with the help of sellers, discounts, price range, shipping options, availability, and buying options and date of arrival of the product. Some products are available with international sellers which are available on the website. The weight plate rack, weight lifting racks are available under strength training equipments in sports and leisure department. Offers and discounts and customer reviews about weight racks will guide you to buy the best one.