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A weight belt supports the back while exercising and help lessen the rear injuries. A weight belt provides support to abdomen to push against the motion which gives pressure on the spine; this exercise builds a more firm torso. A weighted belt should be three to four inches wide; a small size belt will not provide sufficient support to the body. A larger belt will have issues adjusting between the hips and the ribs. Most of the gymnasiums or health clubs provide weight lifting belts or cardillo weight belts for their members. A good quality weight training belt should be made of leather or equivalent material and should be stiff enough to fit the body.

When to wear the weighted belt?

There is a lot of discussion happening on this topic, but the fact is that there is no need to wear the weighted belt throughout the day. Each individual should increase his/her weight lifting capacity without the usage of the belt. Though these belts aid and improve lifting up performance, but there is also an increased risk of orthopedic injury if the belt does not fit the body properly. Weight training belts should not be used while riding a bicycle, it should not be adjusted from its normal position just to feel comfortable and the belt should not be too tight and too loose. Some best weight lifting belts available in the market are Gasp Training belt, Power up 4” power belt, schiek lever power belt and schiek competition power belt.

Advantages of a weight belt

·         A weight increases the pressure on the abdomen during heavy workout

·         This pressure creates a toned body

·         Weight lifting belts are meant to be used for standing exercises only

·         The weight belt alleviates the spine and increases stamina

·         It gives a support to the abdomen to push against the motion

·         The belt gives support while lifting up heavy weights

·         These belts are available in various types like weight lifting, treadmill belts, weight training belts, flex belts, leather belts, and abdomen belt

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